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Dr. Wei-Chen Hung

  • Chair: Wei-Chen Hung, Ph.D.
  • Position: Professor and Department Chair, Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment, Northern Illinois University
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Education and work experience

Ph.D., Instructional Systems Technology with Minor in Information Science, Indiana University-Bloomington.

Research Specialty
Wei-Chen Hung, Ph.D, is Professor and Chair of Educational Technology, Research & Assessment at Northern Illinois University. He received his Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology with a minor in Information Science from Indiana University-Bloomington. His research and work have included development and implementation of computer-supported learning environments and aids for designing and evaluating technology innovation, training development, and human computer interface. 

Dr. Hung has conducted and published studies on the use of technology and information architecture to support problem solving and performance improvement. He is also active in the development of computer-support learning software for classroom behavior management and skill improvement, which has been published by NTI Upstream. Dr. Hung has served as one of the ID Portfolio editors for TechTrends (peer-reviewed membership journal for the Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT)) as well as a journal reviewer for Innovations in Education and Teaching International (IETI) and Journal of Educational Computing Research (JECR). Dr. Hung is one of the principal investigators for an National Science Foundation grant to develop a scenario-based software simulation for research methods using visual dialogue metaphor, and an educational specialist for a NASA supported educational grant project to disseminate scientific data to the public. Dr. Hung currently is the Principal Director for a Fulbright-Hays Group Research Project, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, to launch a three-year collaboration (2021-2024) with Taiwan’s Research Center for Promoting Civic Literacy to examine STEM education in the Taiwanese context. 

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