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Dr. Laura Ruth Johnson

  • Discussant: Laura Ruth Johnson 
  • Time: 2023/11/4 (六) 10:40-12:10
  • Venue:  

Education and work experience

  • Northern Illinois University
    Associate Professor of Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment (ETRA) Department 
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
    Rockefeller Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Latino and Latin American Studies
  • University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 
    Ph.D. Education, Language and Literacy, Society, and Culture

Research Specialty

  • The experiences of Latinx and African American Pregnant & Parenting Youth
  • Mentorship and school-based support and advocacy programs for Pregnant & Parenting Youth
  • Youth civic engagement within minoritized communities
  • Literacy learning within urban community contexts and out-of-school settings
  • Community-based Qualitative Research
  • Youth Participatory Action Research
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